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"In the closing days of Laodicean apostasy, let us never forget that

there is a remnant '…which have not bowed unto Baal…' (1 Kings

19:18). Praise God for those who continue to take a stand for the

King James Bible. The Lord has graciously used Mr. Periander A.

Esplana to render a service to the Body of Christ by producing

numerous works defending the word of God.

The Mathematical Perfection of the King James Bible is a work

that no Bible critic can refute; this book deals with mathematics.

The mathematical layout in a King James Bible is a phenomena

and Mr. Esplana does a superb job presenting this truth.

What you read in this work is not a 'coincidence'. For an occurrence to

happen once, it would be considered an accident, if it happens

twice, it would be a coincidence, but when it occurs numerous

times, it is on purpose. The mathematical formulas contained in

this work are on purpose, miraculously put together by the Holy Ghost.

Your heart attitude towards the Bible determines what you get

out of it and that is why by the grace of God, the Lord has given

Mr. Esplana spiritual insight into His word.

 The Mathematical Perfection of the King James Bible is a

mathematical masterpiece."


 Scotia, New York City, U.S.A.






Exhibit A:      BibleTriunity

Exhibit B:      The Bible Formula

Exhibit C:      Canon-Chapter Factor

Exhibit D:      Verse Code

Exhibit E:      Bible Central Verses

Exhibit F:      1611 Code

Exhibit G:      Bible Formula Matrix

Exhibit H:      Trinitarian Matrix

Exhibit I:        Trinitarian Numerical Pattern

Exhibit J:      The Book of Number Squares

Exhibit K:      Publication Date Numerics

Exhibit L:      14:14 Parallelism

Exhibit M:     Large Capital Numeric-Structure

Exhibit N:      Arithmography of 1John 5:7 (Johannine Comma) in the Textus

Receptus (N.T. Greek Text of the King James Bible)

Exhibit O:      Trinitarian Numerics (1John 5:7 Textus Receptus and KJB)

Exhibit P:      The Absolute Certainty

Exhibit Q:      Selected Readings on the Bible as Final Authority

Exhibit R:      The Absolute Perfection Versus the Perversion

Exhibit S:      The Eternal Bible

Exhibit T:      The Ultimate Formula of Everything

Exhibit U:      The Bible Formula Challenge

Exhibit V:      Critiquing the Criticisms

Exhibit W:     3 & 33 and 5 & 7


The astounding mathematical proofs which you can find in this e-book are all original discoveries by Periander A. Esplana since he was seventeen (17) years old. 

It cannot be found in any other books known to mankind.  You'll be amazed to see how beautiful and wonderful God's word really is.

 Periander A. Esplana was endorsed by both Dr. Peter S. Ruckman and Dr. Gail A. Riplinger because of his discovery of the Bible Formula. 

Dr. Ruckman called it "mathematical bomb" and Dr. Riplinger called it "miraculous phenomenon."  It was discussed in the different on-line forums around the world.

 And now in this e-book you'll see more of his mathematical discoveries embedded in the King James Bible that will shake the world once again.



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Since the ancient time, man has tried to find the formula of all things.

 Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes, and others had their own speculations on the source of all things.

 Pythagoreans. Newtonians, logical positivists, and mathematical deconstructionists have tried to find the formula in number itself.

 Einstein consumed his remaining years to discover the formula that will unify the four fundamental forces in the universe.

 Mystics, Eastern Masters, New Agers, and Neo-pagans are desperately looking for it within man himself.

 Quantum scientists, Human genome readers, Tesla technologists, Alternative medicine researchers, Herbalists/Vegetarians,

Death metal/rave/rap/emo musicians, digital artists, abstract painters, sexologists, politicians, economists,

psychologists, weaponologists, hackers, novelists, movie makers, programmers, etc. are now running wild.

 Recently, Wolfram and Chaitin expound their beliefs of digital universe.

 No answer can be found from all these pretended autonomies.  They all miserably failed.

 Only the Bible truth can provide the formula of all things.

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 THE BIBLE FORMULA: 1Jn.5:7 = Gen.1:1 + Rev.22:21

The content of this e-book is the ultimate solution to the problems of science, the ultimate answer to the questions of philosophy

and the ultimate explanation to the mysteries of religion.

See for yourself how it will unlock to your very eyes the secrets of the universe, life and man!

 This e-book will be the most controversial book in this century.

 Dr. Peter S. Ruckman called it "mathematical bomb" and Dr. Gail A. Riplinger called it "miraculous phenomenon"!

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